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Misery, Idleness, Madness, Vice & Death
CD Album, with fold-out poster & badge
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Our universe is now 13.8 billion years old, which means it's taken roughly that long to release our fourth album. We think your unique and most precious existence would be enhanced with a copy. Yet behold! The giant galactic origami-folding-squid-beast demands it!

Forget your final breath.

Hyding in the Dark
CD Single
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To mark the centenary of our favourite cinema - The Hyde Park Picture House, we have released a special 2 track single to celebrate the Picture House in all it's beautful glory.

All proceeds will be donated to the cinema.

Hyde in the dark.

Travels in Time

Based on the 1980 film "Somewhere in Time", starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour, this 5 track EP is our musical take on the 'most romantic time-travel movie of all time'.

It also features a recording of a cat on the last song.

Come back to us...

Return to Woody Creak
CD Album

Over 2 years in the making, "Return to Woody Creak" was released in the winter months of 2009. With 14 tracks and as many instruments, this is our darkest and most ambitious album to date.

Comes in a beautifully designed, hand-stitched package.

Behold the Creakordian!

All Hail
CD Album

In 2007, we unleashed another 11 songs on the weary world. Featuring favourites honed over many live performances and all new artwork from our now resident artist, Steve, this is an essential album in the Empire canon.

Feast your ears!

The Christmas Log
Unavailable - Please email us.

Every Christmas, a log should be presented to your friends and family. Here's ours.

The log is just for Christmas.


Sitting on a Goldmine
CD Album
Unavailable - Please email us.

Our debut album! Recorded live in a basement, this documents the birth of the classic Empire sound, with 12 tales of pies, zombies, time-travelling cavemen and a lesson in how to make bread.

Don't go hungry...


Commander Alan Shepard EP
CD Single
Unavailable - Please email us.

Celebrating the first astronaut to admit to crying on the moon (and achieving the longest golf drive in history), this EP has 2 other exclusive tracks, including possibly the craziest subject matter we've ever written about.

It's colder when you're all alone.


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